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Even those who are knowledgeable about Lake Cerknica and the historical settlements of its surroundings are surprised to learn things are always different than expected, mysterious, and sometimes even a bit mystical. A lot has been written about our lake, its role, and settlement by long-forgotten inhabitants who lived with, and survived, the lake's moody draining and ever-changing character.

The late 19th century saw an intensive archaeological exploration of the present-day Slovenian territory. Almost all major excavations focused on archaeological exploration of prehistoric mounds in the Dolenjska region and its surroundings.

The first topographic data on prehistoric settlements in the Notranjska region and the vicinity of Lake Cerknica date as early as the 17th century. Prehistoric settlements, also called gradišče, were built atop hills or smaller rising grounds. They were fortified with one or more stone- or earth barrows. These can still be seen today as higher rock deposits that surround some of the hilltops in the region.

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