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Tree-lined avenues

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Tree-lined avenues

foto: Jošt Stergaršek

In the Notranjska Regional Park, there is a linden avenue which supposedly linked Haasberg Castle (in Planina, now in ruins) and Snežnik Castle (in the municipality of Loška Dolina).

Lindens were planted by the owners of both castles so they could enjoy their summer carriage rides in the shade of the trees. The section between Planina and Martinjak was restored in the first half of the 20th century. Another avenue running through the park is the linden one between Begunje and Cerknica, planted in the first half of the 20th century. In addition to the two, there is also an avenue of pear trees between Lispenj and Gorenje Jezero.

Trees planted in avenues: lindens, pears
Time of restoration of tree-lined avenues:  first half of 20th century
Length of pear-tree avenue:  3 km
Maximum length of linden avenue: 1 km, uninterrupted
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