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Essential oil distillery

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Essential oil distillery

The first essential oil distillery in what is now Slovenia came to life in the village of Dolenja vas in the Notranjska region. Its location was chosen due to the proximity of water (the Cerkniščica stream) and forests rich with firs (Albies alba). Their essential oil was derived through steam distillation.

Fir, spruce, juniper or pine twigs and cones were ground and distilled, which resulted in extraction of essential oil.

Surely, the most valuable was the essential oil of fir, which was used to treat open wounds, bruises, respiratory diseases and rheumatism.

In the Notranjska region, the distillery tradition is being preserved by the Heritage House, located at the very spot of the former distillery.

Start of operation of distillery: 1894
End of operation of distillery:  mid-1980s
Distillation type:  steam distillation
Plants used for essential oil:  fir, spruce, juniper, pine
Use of essential oils:  treatment of wounds, bruises, rheumatism, lung diseases
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