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Production of glass items

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Production of glass items

In the Notranjska region, the production of glass items was only present on a small scale. It was limited to the forests of the Javorniki hills, where quite a few glass workshops, called glažuta, operated. The material needed in the workshops came from the numerous flint sites on the northern slope of Mount Slivnica in the villages of Otonica and Poslivnica.

Between 1774 and 1793, there was a glass workshop in the forest above the village of Dolenja vas called dolenjska steklarna (the Dolenja vas glass workshop). It produced glasses, bottles, glass panels and watch glass, and employed about one hundred people.

Between 1816 and 1845, there was a glass workshop in the Javorniki hills above the village of Dolenje Jezero called jezerska steklarna (the Lake glass workshop). It produced white convex glass and glass panels. Flint was supplied from Mt Slivnica and potash was prepared in the Javorniki forests. The workshop also promoted itself by taking part in exhibitions of arts-and-crafts items, but it was closed due to the shortage of wood and complaints about forest damage and destruction from people from the Cerknica, Dolenje Jezero and Dolenja vas. It remains in people's memory in the name of the trail that used to lead there, called fabrška pot (factory trail).

Flint sites:  Mount Slivnica, Otonica, Podslivnica
Operation of the Dolenja vas glass workshop:  1774–1793
Operation of the Lake glass workshop:  1816–1845
Products:  glasses, bottles, glass panels, chandeliers
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