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foto: Leon Kebe

When corncrake returns from its winter in Africa, there is already a commotion of insects and other invertebrates at the lake – its favourites on the menu. Upon its return, warm, tranquil nights are enlivened by the male’s krek krek calls to its sweetheart.

Rarely emerging out of the thick grass during the day, this secretive bird is incredibly fast on the ground. Even though it conquers great distances on its migration, it's not really fond of flying. Due to its strong dangling legs, it even seems quite clumsy in flight.

So what makes corncrake, this graceless bird that disturbs the peace of the night in duo with frogs, so special? This guardian of wet meadows, as it is often called, lives on meadows which the locals have always managed in a nature-friendly manner. Corncrake’s call speaks of meadows that are home to endangered plants and animals, but unfortunately continue to disappear due to a combination of increased farming and also a lack of mowing in some areas.

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