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Beech Cerambycid Beetle

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Beech Cerambycid Beetle

foto: Jošt Stergaršek

Forests, which provide food and shelter to all three large beasts living in Slovenia, is also home to less apparent but, for the forest ecosystem, no less important living creatures – invertebrates.

If we are to point out one of the thousands forest beetle species, then this must be the long-horned beetle. Its larvae persistently bore holes in fallen trunks and stumps for several years before they pupate and evolve into robust, adult beetles with long antennae. In summer, adult males, whose long antennae resemble ibex's head, proudly defend their chosen stumps from intruders and, in this way, court females.

The long-horned beetle, which dwells in mature and old deciduous and mixed forests, ranks among the most endangered beetles at a global level. Its presence in the Notranjska Regional Park bears witness of the preservation and beauty of our forests.

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