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Eurasian Lynx

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Eurasian Lynx

Lynx - Notranjska park - Lake Cerknica

"Lynx - Notranjska park - Lake Cerknica", foto: Matej Vranič

Like a forest ghost, lynx moves silently and invisibly through the woods as it stalks its favourite prey. The largest of lynxes may even take down a deer four times its own weight.

It was its very hunting skills that brought lynx in much of western and central Europe to the verge of extinction, especially due to conflicts with hunters and stock farmers, but also because of their beautiful and highly valued fur. But lynx is most precious when alive. It is priceless and vital for the forest's ecosystem, where it reigns jointly with wolf and bear.

In Slovenia, it was hunted to extinction and then resettled. Dinaric beech and fir forests provide lynx with enough food and peace to survive, but until it is granted its basic right, the right to live in its kingdom, the fate of lynx in Slovenia has already been sealed...

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