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Ural Owl

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Ural Owl

If you find yourself deep in the woods in the early evening, when daylight bids farewell, you may hear a hoarse, almost creepy voice echoing between tree trunks, followed by a deep, soft hooting... Don't be afraid, you have just heard Ural owls chatting.

Ural owl, Slovenia's second largest owl, lives in the maze of beeches and firs of the Javorniki hills and the Menišija plateau. Its remarkably sensitive eyes, hearing and silent flight allow it to hunt the most cautious and shyest rodents, and when these escape, birds, insects and other small animals should watch their step as well.

Ural owl prefers to nest in tree hollows or on old broken trunks, found in mature and old forests, which have always provided people with food, construction material and firewood, and whose fairy-tale dwellers excite the human imagination.

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