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Grey Wolf

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Grey Wolf

foto: Matej Vranič

Wolf (Canis lupus) is the real master of our forests. Wolf family – a pack – takes on large, weak hoofed mammals and injured or ill animals, and plays an important role in the maintaining of natural balance.

It is a highly territorial animal, which defends its living area from wolves from other packs and marks the borders of its territory through scent marking and howling. Sense of smell, along with excellent hearing, enable this predator to hunt in the dark and at night and to avoid humans – its only and worst enemy.

Even though it is the ancestor of dog, man's best friend, and does not impose threat to humans, wolf has fallen into great disfavour with people in the last centuries. In Europe, it was persecuted ruthlessly and also wiped out from vast areas.

By full protection of wolf, their populations have begun to increase, but it remains one of the most endangered mammals in Europe. Only after we reaccept the fact that wolf had lived here before us, and learn how to coexist, the life of wolves and people will take a turn for the better.

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