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Carniolan Primrose

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Carniolan Primrose

foto: Tine Schein

You can see this rosy-blossoming primrose only in Slovenia, as it doesn't thrive elsewhere in the world. The native Carniolan primrose grows in ravines and gorges, where it decorates steep stone walls rising above the streams.

Despite its narrow distribution, it is not too endangered because it mainly grows in hardly accessible areas. However, since rare and extraordinary species, which the Carniolan primrose undoubtedly is, have always intrigued collectors, the plant is protected in Slovenia. It is prohibited to harvest and take it away from its natural growing sites.

So let's rather observe and admire the Carniolan primrose and other flowers in their natural habitat. In this way, we also enable other visitors of the Notranjska Regional Park to view the flower and enjoy the intact nature.

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