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foto: Jošt Stergaršek

Small yellow-flowered spring bloomer (Hacquetia epipactis) is one of the most typical plants in the beech forests of Dinaric karst. It is so common in our forests that we can practically notice it everywhere, but elsewhere in Europe this special umbellifer is extremely rare.

The plant is special because of its green and yellow 'flower'. This is, in fact, not a real flower, but an inflorescence resembling a flower, which makes the plant more visible to pollinators. It is also the only species from its genus named after the famous surgeon and natural historian, Baltazar Hacquet.

The plant is most easily recognized in early spring, when trees are still naked and sunlight still reaches the forest ground. At that time, small yellow-flowered spring bloomer is already blossoming and inviting the first aviators, bumblebees and butterflies, which survived winter.

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