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Mouse Garlic

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Mouse Garlic

foto: Jošt Stergaršek

When the summer sun thoroughly warms through the soil, the yet unmown flood meadows turn into blankets of purple inflorescence. Mouse garlic has started to blossom!

On its growing sites, it appears in masses, but it’s far from being common. Due to late blooming and attachment to meadows that are well-soaked during part of the year, mouse garlic is endangered in Slovenia. Its biggest enemies are land drainage and too early mowing on one hand, and lack of mowing on the other.

After the August sun wipes away the drops of dew from the flowers, the blooming blanket really comes to life. Break your stride, forget about time for a moment, and surrender yourself to the buzzing sounds of tedious nectar and pollen gatherers, which have come to pasture on their beloved part of the lake.

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