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In the embrace of wilderness of isolated and hardly-accessible gorges, shy otters, wildcats and black storks find their peace and food. Golden eagle glides above the steep walls, peregrine falcon shoots by, two ravens greets us from above the tree crowns, grey wagtail flies over the rapids, and white-throat dipper dives into the stream...

The intact and oxygen-rich streams are home to stone crayfish, which hides under the rocks during the day and is lured out in the evening when it becomes hungry. Goldenrings, our largest dragonflies, continuously fly along the shore. When day throws its shadows over the streams, brown trout comes into sight and starts chasing larvae of caddis-, stone- and mayflies which are only found in the clearest of waters.

Yellow-bellied toads and Alpine crested and common newts get together in puddles where fish never stray, whereas fire and Alpine salamander rather stroll through the forest.