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The Alpine character of the Iška and Zala, steep slopes, carbonaceous rocks and areas around the upper course of streams give promise of special and diverse flora.

Steep slopes are covered with beeches and firs, sometimes also yews and common hollies, whereas in sunny areas beeches are replaced by black pines.

Willow trees and tufts of endangered hairy spurge cling to rocky shores, and false asters and stone brambles blossom on the rocks.

The steep rocky slopes above the bubbling stream are decorated with yellow betony, hairy alpenrose, round-headed rampion, two-flowered violet, alpine clematis, alpine plantain and the protected yellow daylily.

From the cracks in the rocky walls rising above the water, a native species stretches its stem – Carniolan primrose which is kept company by yellow veronica, Alpine butterwort, blue moor grass and three-leaved valerian.

Hidden flat patches around uppercourses of streams only increase the diversity of the area. Here blossom the endangered species found in low marshes, including marsh helleborine, common and broad-leaved cottongrass, and flat sedge.

Number of native species: 1