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Carbonaceous bedrock is essential for diverse flora. The latter is especially interesting on the sunny-side meadows where the influences of the Slovene Littoral and Mt Slivnica's altitude mix with one another.

The meadows that the local people mow according to their ancestors' traditions conjure up an unforgettable kaleidoscope of flowers in summer. In this mass of species, which bring joy to the insects and visitors, the following stand out: stemless lousewort, the protected orange and Carniolan lily, mountain pasqueflower, grass-leaved flag, white asphodel, fringed pink and orchids (fly, elder-flowered and common spotted orchid, and then early-purple, green-winged, burnt-tip, fragrant and round-headed orchid).

Some species prefer forest shelters. Among orchids, these are: white helleborine, lesser butterfly orchid, broad-leaved helleborine, common twayblade and bird's nest orchid, whereas on Mount Slivnica there are also growing sites of native Carniolan primrose.