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Mystical Karst: discover the hidden wonders of the Križna cave

Unlocking the secrets of the Notranjska Park

Križna Jama is the only naturally preserved tourist cave in Slovenia, so there is no electric lighting or concrete pathways. Križna jama is a testimony to the complex and ever-changing relationship between water and rock that has shaped the karst landscape over millennia.

An underground symphony of water and stone

When you enter the depths of the Križna Cave, you are greeted by a symphony of water and stone that has unfolded over millions of years. The cave is famous for its many underground lakes. In total, there are 45 lakes in this karst cave, 22 of which can be crossed by boat. The miraculous underground lakes of the Križna Cave are living bodies of water that are constantly changing and evolving. The Križna cave is a unique geological and hydrological system: rainwater from the surface seeps through the porous limestone, creating an intricate network of underground rivers and channels. This underground water then flows through the cave, forming its chambers and creating its breathtaking shape.

Karst Cave and its cave dwellers

Križna Cave also differs from other karst caves in the rich diversity of its inhabitants, with 60 species of underground (troglobiont) fauna having been discovered in the cave, making it the 4th most diverse cave in the world. Visitors to the cave can also see the skeletal remains of the magnificent cave bear, which has made the cave its home or den for tens of thousands of years.

A true underground adventure

A visit to Križna Cave is suitable for all adventurers who want to discover the unknown. The depths of the cave can only be explored under the guidance of experienced cave guides who are well versed in the intricacies of the underground world. Equipped with helmets, headlamps and boots, adventurers descend into the depths of the cave, take a boat across the first lake and skilfully navigate the underground labyrinthine passages.

A journey through the Križna Cave is a real adventure and a chance to see the wonders of the Karst landscape up close. It is a journey that takes you beyond the surface to the very heart of the earth, where time takes on a different meaning and the mysteries of the karst world are revealed.

Preserving the mystical karst

The Križna Cave is not only a natural wonder, but also a fragile ecosystem that needs to be carefully preserved. The main guideline when visiting the cave is to limit the effects of tourist visits on the sig barriers to the level of natural self-restoration, which keeps Križna Cave among the best preserved tourist caves in Slovenia. It is the exceptional care for its preservation that makes a visit to Križna Cave one of the most picturesque experiences of the Karst underground. 

A trip to remember

A visit to the Križna cave is a journey into the heart of the mystical karst, into a world where the extraordinary creativity of nature is on full display. It is an opportunity to witness the timeless dance between water and stone and to explore the hidden wonders of the underground realm.

When you emerge from the depths of the cave and return to the surface, you will take with you not only memories of your underground adventure, but also a deep appreciation for the mystery and beauty of the natural world.

Marvel at the power and creativity of nature and become part of its enchanting story with a visit to Križna Cave and other karst wonders of the Notranjska Park.

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