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Hiking festival: Following the bear's footsteps

sobota 9. 09. 2023

Through the forests and meadows of beautiful Notranjska region


Join us on a hike through the idyllic Menišija plateau. The path, which leads us in the bear's footsteps, is a well-visited hiking destination on the Menišija plateau. Along the 11 km long route, you will get to know the natural and cultural heritage that decisive marked these places. The constant presence of a bear, that walk along this path, will give you extra adrenaline and an unforgettable adventure. Finally, we will finish our adventure with a fair meal. 

Duration: from 9:00 to 14:00 (5-6 h)
Length: 11 km
Meeting point: Selšček, Notranjska hiša, Selšček 31 (45.81975, 14.39644)
Guide: Robert Kužnik
Necessary equipment: Hiking shoes, suitable clothes according to weather, hiking poles, snack, drink, sunscreen, mosquito and ticks repellent
Suitable for: age from 6 years onwards
Price: includes guiding, lunch and a promotional gift bag.
- 10,00 € per person
- 5,00 € per person for children up to 15 years old (includes lunch)

You can register at:
- e-mail:
- phone: +386 51 381 830 (Nataša Mele)

Organisation by Menišija tourist association and Notranjska hiša.

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Date: 9. 9. 2023 - 2023-09-09 09:00:00 2023-09-09 14:00:00 Europe/Ljubljana Hiking festival: Following the bear's footsteps Notranjska hiša, Selšček 31 Notranjski regijski park

Time: 09:00 - 14:00

Location : Notranjska hiša, Selšček 31



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