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Hiking festival: Hike on Mount Slivnica and visit a bewitched forest

nedelja 10. 09. 2023

Climb to the top of Slivnica, a mountain of witches, and enjoy amazing view of the Lake Cerknica.


Join us on a hike to Mount Slivnica. During the hike, we will learn about forest and its formation, the settlements of ancient inhabitants and the defensive significance of the slopes and landmarks in the past. From the top of this 1114 m high mountain, we will be rewarded with the views of Gorski Kotar, Snežnik, Javorniki, Lake Cerknica, Nanos, the Alps... In the Mountain lodge at the top, we will have a delicious snack and learn some interesting facts about the construction of the lodge.

At the top of Slivnica, you will be greeted by the witch Ursula, who will take you through a bewitched forest. If you want to find the way out, you will have to use ingenuity, knowledge, courage, and magical skills. Along the way, challenges and tasks will await you, with the help of which you will find the ingredients for a magic potion that will bring you out of the bewitched forest.

Duration: from 9:00 to 14:00 (5-6 h)
5 km
Meeting place: Cerknica, parking lot in front of the Cerknica Administrative Center (Cesta 4. maja 24, coordinates: 45.79313, 14.36604)
Guide: Štefanija Šebalj
Animation program: Janja Mihelčič, Tjaša Dernikovič
Necessary equipment: suitable hiking equipment and footwear, recommended trekking poles, protection against ticks, sunscreen, drink
Suitable for: ages 6 and up, families, recreational hikers
Price: includes guidance, animation at Slivnica, lunch and a promotional gift bag
- 10,00 € per person
- 5,00 € per person for children up to the age of 15 (includes lunch)

Organized by: Mountain Association Cerknica and Neverland, organization of events

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Date: 10. 9. 2023 - 2023-09-10 09:00:00 2023-09-10 14:00:00 Europe/Ljubljana Hiking festival: Hike on Mount Slivnica and visit a bewitched forest Parkirišče pred Upravnim centrom Cerknica Notranjski regijski park

Time: 09:00 - 14:00

Location : Parkirišče pred Upravnim centrom Cerknica

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