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LIFE TRŠCA: Lake Cerknica through impressive photos

The photo exhibition »LIFE TRŠCA«, which was created within the framework of the eponymous project of the Notranjska Regional Park, opened on Monday 3 June 2024, at the premises of the Jože Udovič Cerknica Library.

The exhibition, whose theme is the mysterious world of Lake Cerknica with a special focus on the reed, is designed according to themes (water, the extraterrestrial and the colours of the reed), which are exhibited in three different "micro-locations" of the library. The selection of the photographs was made by Maja Košuta, a staff member of the Notranjska Park.


The exhibition presents the work of local photographers who have been discovering the hidden corners and inhabitants of Lake Cerknica for many years: Zoran Vidrih and Sebastjan Zelič with their fantastic animal portraits, Matej Zalokar with his cave photography, Peter Janjić with his Great crested grebes, Tine Šubic and Blaž Žnidaršič with their magical images of the reed in two different seasons, Grega Žorž with his drone photos of Lake Cerknica and Ivan Kebe with his photograph of the reed through the eyes of a frog and his photograph entitled

Morning Bustle

over the water surface,

the sun awakens our wilderness again,

chasing away the fog, while we stare.

Visitors at the opening of the exhibition were extremely impressed by the photos, and the photographers had a few words to say about their work. Music was performed by the pupils of the Fran Gerbič Cerknica Music School, accordionists Ajda Milavec and Paskal Dokler, and a clarinet trio composed of Anže Kočevar, Žiga Kraševec and David Trotošek.

Sixteen selected photos will be on display at the Jože Udovič Cerknica Library until 27 June 2024. Welcome!

"Sometimes you look towards the lake and the lake looks back at you", says Zoran Vidrih, whereas we are looking ahead and already planning a new photo exhibition.