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LIFE TRŠCA: Visit to Greece

The LIFE TRSCA team visited Greece from 16 to 19 May for a field trip to exchange experiences and information. We were hosted by the Society for the Protection of Prespa, or SPP for short. SPP is a non-governmental organization working in the Greek part of Lake Prespa. They are committed to preserving Prespa's exceptional environment, animals and landscapes and its cultural heritage for the benefit of all.

Lake Prespa is situated in the north of Greece, at an altitude of around 850 metres, and is therefore similar in many aspects to our Lake Cerknica. It has extensive wetlands where reeds and water and shore birds thrive. 

During our visit, they presented their activities, their past projects and their machinery. Representatives of the LIFE TRSCA project presented the Notranjska Park and the LIFE STRŽEN and LIFE TRSCA projects to our hosts. 

During the visit we learnt a lot of useful information that will surely come in handy in our project.