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Green Key

Green Key

About the program

Green Key  is the leading standard of excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation in the tourism industry. This prestigious sustainability mark signifies the commitment of companies to comply with the strict criteria set by the International Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) in certified establishments. The Green Key sustainable sign guarantees all guests that by choosing a certified tourist establishment, they directly contribute to the protection of the environment. The plants maintain high environmental standards through strict documentation and frequent inspections. Hotels and hostels, smaller accommodation establishments, campsites and holiday parks, congress centers, catering establishments and tourist attractions can obtain the Green Key sustainable label.


Green Key program places great emphasis on informing and involving visitors in sustainable and more environmentally friendly measures implemented in the facilities. Ensures that plant staff are knowledgeable and appropriately trained in environmentally friendly and sustainable practices.


Green Key program is constantly looking for new and sustainable ways of doing business and using technology, with the aim of reducing the consumption of resources and the amount of waste, reducing the impact on the environment and reducing the costs of doing business in the company.

Added value

As guests are becoming increasingly aware and informed about environmental issues, positive environmental practices are becoming more and more important when choosing a suitable establishment to spend their vacation or business trip. The green key symbolizes commitment to the environment and sustainable development, which is extremely attractive to potential guests.


Obtaining Green Key sustainability sign is an additional source of promotion for the facility, as it tells potential guests that it meets strict environmental criteria and actively, efficiently and organizedly improves its sustainable operations.


Green Key program aims to increase the use of environmentally friendly and sustainable ways of doing business and consequently reduce the sharing of resources, raise awareness and change the behavior patterns of all stakeholders in individual tourist establishments and in the tourism industry in general.

At the Visitor Center Lake Cerknica we are aware of the exceptional natural and cultural values that our special part of the world has to offer. We are committed to sustainable management and thereby reducing the carbon footprint in the field of environmental, social, cultural and economic activities, and we want to promote awareness and cooperation among employees, suppliers, visitors and the local community.

We reduce the negative consequences on the environment with the following targeted goals:

Saving energy and water:
- Reduction of energy and water consumption with an emphasis on the use of energy-efficient equipment.
- Use of energy-saving lighting.
- Reducing water consumption.

Waste collection:
- Reducing the amount of waste by encouraging the purchase of goods without additional packaging.

Employee awareness:
- Provision of education and training on sustainable development for employees.
- Encouraging employees to adopt a sustainable mode of mobility (public transport, cycling, walking).
- Reducing paper consumption and using recycled paper.

Visitor awareness:
- Implementation of educational programs and events on the importance of environmental protection and sustainable tourism and preservation of the natural and cultural heritage of Notranjski Park.
- Encouraging visitors to a sustainable mode of mobility (public transport, cycling, walking).

Conservation of biodiversity:
- Participation in habitat conservation projects in Notranjski Park.

Cooperation with the local community:
- Inclusion of the local community in programs on sustainable development for the wider local community.
- Preference when purchasing products from local and environmentally responsible suppliers.

With these goals, we are committed to the continuous improvement of our environmental practices and to co-creating the sustainable future of Notranjski Park and Visitor Center Lake Cerknica.