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Task description:

Our project results will be collected and presented to be available for further use and upgrading. We will transfer the developed methods, systems, knowledge, and experience to areas outside the pilot area in Slovenia and abroad. Based on experience gained through the development of new agricultural policy measures we will develop another Agricultural policy measure to support nature-friendly management of marsh vegetation throughout Slovenia. The knowledge for land use monitoring, gained in the scope of this project, will be spread among nature park managers across Slovenia by organizing seminars. Among other things, we'll present an online database, set up during the project, that will include a module for recording bird disturbances, disruptive activities, and rule violations. Seminar participants will be encouraged to use it in their work.

Status: Not due yet


T.6.1.i - Exploitation of experience about land use monitoring to other nature parks in Slovenia

T.6.1.ii - Development and implementation of an agricultural policy measure applicable for marshland all over Slovenia

T.6.1.iii - Database as support to land management available to use by other nature parks in Slovenia and monitoring of bird disturbance and other disturbances/violations important for nature conservation throughout Slovenia