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T.8.11 - Educational contents


T.8.11 - Educational contents

Task description:

Young people are the future biologists and ecologists who will someday take care of our environment, which is why it is so important to educate them now. We will perform various pedagogical activities: Creative competitions, Nature field trips for local Primary schools, and Youth nature conservation camps.

Status: Task is in progress


T.8.11.i Creative competitions

School year 2023/2024: Creative competition "Slike in zgodbe iz tršce"


T.8.11.ii Nature field trips for local Primary schools

Worksheet for the 1st triad - LIFE TRSCA

Worskheet for the 2nd triad - LIFE TRSCA

Worksheet for the 3rd triad - LIFE TRSCA

T.8.11.iii Youth nature conservation camps for students

Summer Nature Conservation camp (grades 1-3)