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Bear watching

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Bear watching

The Notranjska region is home to all three beasts found in Slovenia – wolf, lynx and bear.

Brown bear is Slovenia's largest beast and can weigh more than 200 kg. While it has been eradicated in many places, there are still more than 500 individuals roaming in Slovenia's forests. This is also the reason why the Notranjska is the only destination where you can observe and take photos of brown bears in their natural habitat.

A hunter takes you to one of the observation stations which accepts three to four visitors at the most (depending on the station). The best time to observe bears is late in the afternoon but before dusk. The visitors sit in absolute silence inside the station and wait for the furry creature to pass by. Since bears more or less follow the same routine daily, and are used to the area around the station, they almost always show themselves to the visitors. If only the latter aren't too loud.


1 person: 115,00 €
2 persons: 170,00 €
3 persons: 230,00 €
4 persons: 290,00 €
children (up to 15 years): 50,00 €

Bear watching is possible between April and September, but it is most recommended to try between May and August, when the days are long and the observation is most likely to be successful.

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