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Bird watching

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Bird watching

Bird watching in Notranjska park

"Bird watching in Notranjska park", foto: achive Notranjska park

In the Notranjska Regional Park, more than 300 different birds have been spotted, which represents ¾ of all bird species found in Slovenia. Out of this number, about 100 also have nesting grounds in the area.

Lake Cerknica is one of the two nesting sites for endangered bird species such as common snipe, red-necked grebe, ferruginous duck, northern shoveler, redhsank and Eurasian curlew. The park's forests are home to rare Eurasian three-toed woodpeckers, hazel grouses, Ural and Boreal owls, and in spring, we can listen to the sounds of the globally endangered corncrake.

We can thank the intermittent Lake Cerknica for the rich diversity of birds, as it has developed a multitude of habitat types in an area of 20 km2. In this area, for example, we can find reeds, marsh, wet and dry grassland, scrubs, a lake and forests.

A guide can take you to one of the hotspots from where you can observe and listen to the birds fully-equipped with scopes and binoculars. Your guide will describe the main features of certain birds and help you recognize particular species.

Your observation will begin in the ornithological classroom of Jezerski hram in the village of Dolenje Jezero, where you will learn about many species of birds, their habitats and migration routes. Followed by observation in the company of an ornithologist who will help you identify different species. If you don't have your own binoculars, you can borrow them before the start of the walk at no extra charge, and we will observe more distant locations through binoculars/telescope. Complete the experience with a review of the interactive board of birds of Cerkniški jezera, where you can also listen to the announcement of birds that you may not have managed to catch during the tour in the field, or that you would like to repeat their song.

Observe our very special piece of the world and go on a guided birdwatching experience in the company of an ornithologist.



Selected Saturdays and Sundays in March, April, May, June, October and November!


Duration: from 9:00  to 13:00  (4 h)
Meeting point: Visitor center Lake Cerknica
Guides: Anže Škoberne, Kristina Kebe
Necessary equipment: hiking shoes, suitable clothes, drink, snack,
Your own binoculars are also recommended; if you don't have them, they are available for rent (included in the price).
Suitable: for everyone over 6 years old
- €15.00 per person
- €8.00 for children up to 15 years old

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