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Canoeing on Lake Cerknica

"Canoeing on Lake Cerknica", foto: archive TUR Servis Cerknica

The ever-changing size and shape of Lake Cerknica make the area a true paradise for explorations by boat. Each visit reveals something new. Rowing along the stream bed surrounded by trš'ca (reeds) when the lake is half-full provides pleasure to every boating enthusiast.

Canoes can be rented by the Lake Cerknica every weekend without prior notice, as long as the weather and water level are suitable for rowing. For an organized trip with a guide, you must register first.

If you are going to explore Lake Cerknica on your own, with your own boat, sup or kayak, you must take into account the fact that boating is limited, as the lake is home to many endangered species.

Before you take your boat to the lake, carefully read the boating regime (in short: you can paddle on the area, marked with green, or on Stržen stream bed) and check the water level. Boating areas and warnings are also marked on the spot.



Canoe  rental contact:
TUR SERVIS, d.o.o.
Cesta 4. maja 50
SI-1380 Cerknica
T: + 386 51 307 680

1 HOUR 10,00 €
2 HOURS 15,00 €
3 HOURS 20,00 €
5 HOURS 25,00 €

 Rental includes: canoe rental, use of life jackets, waterproof bags and VAT.

Paddle on Lake Cerknica

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