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The ever-changing size and shape of Lake Cerknica make the area a true paradise for explorations by boat. Each visit reveals something new. Rowing along the stream bed surrounded by trš'ca (reeds) when the lake is half-full provides pleasure to every boating enthusiast.

The traditional boat of Lake Cerknica is called drevak, without which the life in the past would be impossible. Among other things, it was used to transport cargo and even cattle. Until a road was built to the village of Otok in the early 20th century, the villagers had been fully dependent on those magnificent boats. Even though they have been replaced by cheaper vessels, it is still possible to take drevak rides on the lake.

Since Lake Cerknica is home to numerous endangered animal species, rowing is limited in the area. Before you take your boat to the lake, carefully read the boating regime (in short: you can paddle on the area, marked with green, or on Stržen stream bed) and check the water level. Boating areas and warnings are also marked on the spot.

If you don't have your own boat, you can rent one or take a guided tour of the lake – by canoe or drevak.

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