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Cycling road Bear

Get to know the whole Notranska Park with your bicycle.

Starting point

Dolenje Jezero


81 km


1360 m


1360 m


8 h


¼ asphalt, ¾ gravel



Elevation profile of the route

A day-trip for avid cycling enthusiasts. It includes: plain at Lake Cerknica, Mt Slivnica, forests of the Menišija and the Javorniki hills, and the natural sculptures in the Rakov Škocjan valley.

The trail covers all other cycling trails – it starts at the lake, continues to Mount Slivnica, joins the Menišija Cycling Trail and returns to the starting point through the Rakov Škocjan valley. If you start your trip at the parking lot in Dolenje Jezero, head south through the village of Otok and then along the eastern edge of the lake towards Grahovo and Mount Slivnica. From there, descend towards Cerknica, but before reaching the town, turn right towards the villages of Brezje and Begunje. In Begunje, enter the Menišija Cycling Trail, cycle across the entire route and then on the south of Begunje, turn right onto the macadam road between Begunje and Rakek. Cycle through Rakek to Unec. There, turn towards Postojna. After two km, leave the main road and turn left for the Rakov Škocjan valley. Cycle through the valley, past Veliki and Mali naravni most (Big- and Small Natural Bridge), and keep right to the lookout over the lake. There, head left towards Dolenja vas and, from here, back to Dolenje Jezero.

The trail is long and demanding, so we recommend planning a stop at one of the tourist farms or restaurants so you can enjoy a meal and rest before you continue your way.

A map of all the cycling trails in the mystical land of Lake Cerknica can be purchased at the Visitor center Lake Cerknica for € 2,00. Cycle through our very special piece of the world.

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