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Along the Menišija plateau

Cycling road Along the Menišija plateau

Trail, full of numerous karst phenomena. 

Starting point

Begunje pri Cerknici


24 km


354 m


354 m


2 h


gravel, asphalt (1/3)



Elevation profile of the route

The Menišija Cycling Trail leads from the village of Begunje, past the spring of the Brejnice stream, through the Koželjski graben valley to the village of Dobec, and then through the village of Bezuljak back to Begunje. On your way, you will see numerous karst phenomena.

Part of the trail also runs on the Menišija Education Trail, which allows you to get to know numerous karst phenomena, caves, pits, forests and typical karst meadows.

If you decide to start from the parking lot in Dolenje Jezero, you can get to Begunje along the foothills of Mount Slivnica past the village of Brezje, whereas for your way back to Cerknica, you can opt for the old road past the hunters’ shooting range and Kamna gorica. This way, you avoid the busy main road between Begunje and Cerknica which is not very bicycle-friendly.

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