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Jezerko ("Lake man")

Cycling road Jezerko ("Lake man")

Cycling along the trails of Jezerko, the lakeman, who, according to legend, lived in caves by the Lake Cerknica. The cycling route along the Lake Cerknica and Rakov Škocjan offers plenty of opportunities to see various karst phenomena.

Starting point

Dolenje Jezero


29 km


320 m


320 m


3 h





Elevation profile of the route

From the parking lot in the village of Dolenje Jezero, head to the village of Otok. This part of the trail follows the "Drvošec" educational trail, so you can stop at one of the three viewpoints (observation platform "Kuharca" and "Klejni vrh" or 10 meters high observation tower "Otočec"). When you get to the village, continue through, and  after about 500 m turn right. Then you cycle along the southern edge of Lake Cerknica beneath the Javorniki hills. After about 10 km from village Otok, the road gets you to the viewpoint over Lake Cerknica (Cvinger). Continue left to the Rakov Škocjan valley, past Mali naravni most (Small Natural Bridge), over Veliki naravni most (Big Natural Bridge), turn right and follow the circular trail. From Rakov Škocjan, continue towards the village of Zelše, before the village take a right turn and ride past the church of St. Volbenk to Dolenja vas. In the village turn right, cross the little bridge by the fire station and return to the starting point in Dolenje Jezero.

On your way, you cycle past the periodic spring Skadulca, ponor caves of Velika and Mala Karlovica, two natural bridges, the famous church in Zelše and many atractive viewpoints.

The trail is marked with a "Lake man" Jezerko icon, which you can follow on the markings on the pillars throughout the trail.

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