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The Rakov Škocjan valley

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The Rakov Škocjan valley

Rugged route through the picturesque sunken valley with the Big and Small Natural Bridges (Veliki and Mali naravni most). It runs from the village of Dolenje Jezero to the Rakov Škocjan valley, along the circular route over the Big Natural Bridge, and back to the starting point.

If you start off in Dolenje Jezero (19 km trail), head towards Dolenja vas and keep left to the lookout over Lake Cerknica. There, turn right towards the Rakov Škocjan valley. On the circular road through the valley, you can stop by Veliki and Mali naravni most (Big and Small Natural Bridge) and at the ruins of the church of St. Cantianus. The starting point can be reached via the villages of Zelše, Podskrajnik and Dolenja vas.

You can also start from Podskrajnik, Zelše or even the parking lot at the hotel in Rakov Škocjan. The trail is much shorter (through Rakov Škocjan only 5 km), but it gives more time to observe all the beauty of the valley.