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Cycling trail Frog
Cycling road Frog

Short and easy circular cycling trail along Lake Cerknica, suitable for anyone.

Starting point

Dolenje Jezero


12 km


121 m


121 m


1 hour





Elevation profile of the route

Starting point is at the parking lot at the end of the village of Dolenje Jezero from where you set off on a macadam road along the lake. After about 1.5 km, turn left towards the village of Otok. Along the trail, there are a few opportunities to stop and admire Lake Cerknica, with each visit offering you a different view. This part of the trail also follows the "Drvošec" educational trail, so you can stop at one of the three lookouts ("Kuharca", "Klejni vrh" or 10 meters high "Otočec" tower).

Continue through Otok, the only Slovenian island village, and turn right after some 500 m. After a 4-km ride along the Javorniki foothills, followed by a short descent, return to the starting point.

A map of all the cycling trails in the mystical land of Lake Cerknica can be purchased at the Visitor center Lake Cerknica for € 2,00. Cycle through our very special piece of the world.

The trail is marked with frog pictogram, which you can follow on the markings on the pillars throughout the trail.

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