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Fishing in the mystical land of Lake Cerknica

"Fishing in the mystical land of Lake Cerknica", foto: Jošt Stergaršek

The waters of Lake Cerknica and the surroundings hide fish species that attract fishing enthusiasts from near and far. The most valued and most often caught fish is pike, which grows up very fast in Lake Cerknica, as it is rich with food – some pikes grow more than 40 cm in only two years, but they can also grow more than 1 m.

Besides pikes, there are also other native fish in the lake, such as tenches, chubs and burbots (it is forbidden to catch the latter due to their endangered status), and also alien species, introduced into the lake by humans: rudds, perches and carps. The Cerkniščica stream still hosts native brown trouts – especially in hidden pools in its upper course.

Fishing permits can be bought at Debeli Bar (Cesta 4. maja 71, 1380 Cerknica; +386 41 564 208); for more on fishing in the Notranjska Regional Park and the surroundings, visit the Cerknica Fishing Association's website.

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