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Forest's magical charm

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Forest's magical charm

A guide will take you to the shelter of the Javorniki forests, where you will spend the night on a remarkable viewing location, opened up to all directions of this mighty karst plateau.

At night, the forest comes alive with magic and wonder. Silence brings us peace and purity and we have the feeling that time stands still. At the same time, we can hear all the diverse forest and animal sounds, especially the howling of the wolves. We can observe thousands of stars and shooting stars. Sunrise fill us with a wonderful natural energy.

The Javorniki forests are abundant with varied animal species so you can enjoy listening to owl as well as wolf sounds. Your guide will share with you a host of different stories and anecdotes, but also information on our flora and fauna so that you will be able to experience the forest in all its greatness.

Enjoy the extraordinary experience of sleeping in the wilderness of the forest.

Forest's magical charm

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