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Hay carriage rides

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Hay carriage rides

You can take in all the beauty of Lake Cerknica during a panoramic ride on a traditional horse-drawn hay carriage called lojtrnik.

The lojtrnik carriages, our traditional and most common farm carriages, were first used for the transportation of grass, hay and other cargo. They were gradually replaced by more specialised vehicles, so they have been given a new purpose and now serve as tourist carriages. Their long tradition is supported by the fact that they were already mentioned in The Glory of the Duchy of Carniola by Valvasor.

Tourist hay carriages at Lake Cerknica come with benches that sit up to 25 people, and they are pulled by horses, which take you on a ride through the Notranjska Regional Park. It is very popular to take a panoramic ride along Lake Cerknica.

Drive with Hay carriage

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