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The Heritage house


"Flax", foto: archive Heritage House

A unique model of passing the old skills from elder guardians of heritage onto young generations was developed in the Heritage House through the donation by EEA to the project In the same boat – Young Guardians of Heritage 2014–2016.

Field work and work processes have been documented in the regional Chest of Knowledge, which is the source of skills of old human activities of the Notranjska region and inspiration for new products and services.

But above all, they preserve our centuries-old heritage in its actual function so that that the bond with the traditional remains uninterrupted. They have submitted a proposal to include the drevak boat, traditional boat of Lake Cerknica, and guardian of heritage Tone Lovko, the last active boat-maker, in the national record of heritage of humanity at the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia.

In the Heritage House, you can book/order: lectures on intangible cultural heritage, arts-and crafts workshops, unique corporate products, tour of all four steps of flax growing and processing, and the site of the first distillery in Slovenia from 1894.

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Activities in the Heritage house
  • The drevak boat

    Take a tour of the workshop where the making of the traditional boat of Lake Cerknica takes place. You can also rent the boat and sail on the lake with a guide.

  • Flax growing and processing

    How do we get linen from flaxseeds? At the Heritage House, you can witness the entire traditional process: seeding, harvesting and weaving. You can also join different workshops that take place according to the particular season.

  • Blacksmithing

    In the past, every village had its own blacksmith who made tools and nails to measure. Smithy at the Heritage House still crafts special nails, used for the drevak boat, and other products as well. You can also try your hand as a blacksmith.

  • Essential oil distillery

    The village of Dolenja vas was home to the first distillery of essential oils in what is now Slovenia. It produced fir-cone essential oil until the 1980s. At the Heritage House, you can learn more about the process itself and try extracting essential oil on your own.

  • Folk music and storrytelling

    In the course of time, folk singers, musicians and storytellers of the Notranjska region created rich oral heritage. Ms. Ljoba Jenče has been striving for decades to prevent it from getting lost in oblivion, and to preserve folk music and stories for generations to come. If you are interested in this subject, she is more than happy to introduce it to you.

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