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Mountain tops with magnificent views, walks along the lake and streams, or education trails. The Notranjska Regional Park, with its sights and rugged geological structure, offers a host of different hiking trips.

You can set off to one of the mountain tops – Slivnica, Veliki Javornik, Špičasto Stražišče and Križna Gora. The most avid hikers may choose to conquer the Notranjska transverzala Trail and check off all four tops at once.

Those who prefer shorter walks in idyllic nature will enjoy themselves most on one of the education trails. The shortest one is the Bee-keepers' Trail, on which you can see different beehives and sample some of the honey products when accompanied by a guide. The most famous trail is the one through the Rakov Škocjan valley, where you can see the most important natural and cultural sights of this sunken valley. However, to see a wonderful example of interaction between natural and cultural heritage, you should opt for the Menišija Education Trail at the village of Dobec.

And let's not forget longer trails – the Kunaver Trail leads from Rakek to the Rakov Škocjan valley, whereas the Trail from Šteberk to Karlovec runs along Lake Cerknica and follows the legend of the creation of the lake. The lake offers many possibilities in summer as well – when it drains out, it turns into a picturesque landscape, which enables strolling along the dry lake basin.

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