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Mount Slivnica

Mount Slivnica

Magnificent view on Lake Cerknica from the mountain of witches

Starting point



4 km


576 m


544 m


1,5 h



Elevation profile of the route

The starting point of the marked mountain trail to Slivnica is at the bowling alley in Cerknica (Cesta 4. maja 16, 1380 Cerknica). From there on, you will be directed towards the top by markings and here and there you can see some witches, for whom Slivnica, according to legends, has always been their home. Under the top of this 1,114 m high hill is the Witch cave, in which, according to folk tradition, the witches used to cook storms and natural disasters.

The trail initially climbs quite steeply through the forest, then continues more gently across vast grassy slopes. From this part of the route, beautiful views of the Javorniki hills and Lake Cerknica open up to us, and the most beautiful view awaits us just a little below the top - at Slivnica mountain lodge.

A map of all the hiking trails in the mystical land of Lake Cerknica can be purchased at the Visitor center Lake Cerknica for € 2,00. Hike through our very special piece of the world.