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Veliki Javornik

Veliki Javornik

The highest peak of Notranjska Park.

Starting point

Dolenja vas


6 km


819 m


820 m


2,5 h



Elevation profile of the route

Mount Veliki Javornik is the highest peak in the Notranjska Park. It can be reached via two marked trails starting in the village of Dolenja vas and the Rakov Škocjan valley. Both trails run through the forest so you can also conquer the peak in warmer weather; you will be less exposed to sunbeams, compared to hiking Mount Slivnica, for example.

The starting point is at the crossroads at the end of Dolenja vas, from where you follow the signpost and turn on the footpath across the field. At first, the path climbs only slightly, occasionally crosing and following a macadam road, that leads along Lake Cerknica. On the way there is the viewpoint Cvinger, from where you can admire Lake Cerknica, or you can descend to the cave Velika Karlovica, which is located below the road. After four kilometers, the mountain trail climbs steeply. It runs through the forest all the way to the top of Veliki Javornik. Below the top there is a beautiful view of Lake Cerknica and mount Slivnica.

A map of all the hiking trails in the mystical land of Lake Cerknica can be purchased at the Visitor center Lake Cerknica for € 2,00. Hike through our very special piece of the world.