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Trail "Po medvedovih stopinjah" (In the bear’s footsteps)

Trail "Po medvedovih stopinjah" (In the bear’s footsteps)

Along the forests and meadows of Menišija plateau

Starting point



11 km


470 m


470 m


4 h



Elevation profile of the route

The Trail "In the bear's footsteps" will take you through the forests and meadows of Menišija plateau. 

The trail begins in the village of Selšček and leads through Begunje, Bezuljak and Kožljek along forest paths. After reaching the 955 m high Špička, it passes through Ločice and returns to Selšček.

This 11 km long path is characterised by beautiful forests interspersed with colourful meadows, the remains of bunkers from the Rupnik line and the presence of tracks of wild animals remind us that we are sharing this beautiful natural space.

The path is clearly marked with blue/yellow signs and posts and there are benches along the way to rest and enjoy the stunning views of nearby villages, hills and valleys. Information boards are available to give you more information about the environment you are in and we recommend that you consider hiring a local guide who can take you to various places of interest, points of interest and hidden gems that you might otherwise miss.

A map of all the hiking trails in the mystical land of Lake Cerknica can be purchased at the Visitor center Lake Cerknica for € 2,00. Hike through our very special piece of the world.