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Path of the Carthusians

Path of the Carthusians

The mysterious paths of the monks

Starting point

Begunje pri Cerknici


8 km


187 m


187 m


3-4 h



Elevation profile of the route

The start of the trail is in Begunje near Cerknica near the Peace and Reconciliation Park (next to the church). The route continues in the direction of Kurja dolina, Brezje, Gmajnce, Cerkniščica valley, Cerknica - under the DEOS Senior Citizens' Home, across the bridge to the Tabor. At the Cerknica municipality, we continue our journey via Kamna gorica, past Premozer, to the cross at the road intersection in front of Begunje, across the road past the Čopčeva sawmill and mill, and the mortuary to the starting point...

A map of all the hiking trails in the mystical land of Lake Cerknica can be purchased at the Visitor center Lake Cerknica for € 2,00. Hike through our very special piece of the world.