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What is there to know

What is there to know

Full Lake Cerknica

"Full Lake Cerknica", foto: Jošt Stergaršek

Welcome to Notranjska Park.

You are entering a protected area of nature, among the precious natural pearls, on the land of the locals, which with careful maintenance, has been closely associated with it for centuries. Please help to maintain this natural beauty with respectful behavior.

Park your vehicle in marked places, do not leave vehicles in fields, meadows or courtyard driveways, follow the instructions of the security service. Along the macadam path or on the embankment on Lake Cerknica, walk on the right. Walk and cycle only on well-kept and marked paths, as elsewhere you can disrupt the natural life cycle of the animal and plant inhabitants of the park. Also take everything you bring with you, so that no trash is left behind. If you encounter overcrowding, contact the tourist informant in the new Visitor center Lake Cerknica, which will direct you to other points where you can also experience unspoiled nature.

Relax and enjoy.

                 We wish you a wonderful experience in the mystical land of Lake Cerknica!

  • Tourist information

    Welcome to our new Visitor center Lake Cerknica:
    Dolenje Jezero 68
    1380 Cerknica



    Winter working hours: from October 1st until March 31st
    Monday: closed
    Tuesday–Friday: 10:00–17:00
    Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays: 10:00–17:00


    Summer working hours: from April 1st until September 30th
    Monday: closed
    Tuesday–Friday: 9:00–17:00
    Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays: 9:00–18:00

    CLOSED: 1st January and 25th December

    We are also available for all your questions and assistance by e-mail and telephone:
    T: +386 31 668 223

  • Traffic rules

    It is prohibited to drive between Dolenje Jezero and Otok village, every Sunday, between 8:00 - 21:00, except for local residents of Otok village and private land owners around Lake Cerknica. This rule applies from March 15th to November 15th.

    Hikers and cyclists: road next to Lake Cerknica, between villages Dolenje Jezero and Otok, is also intended for motor vehicles. Stick to the right side of the road.

    Motorised vehicles belong to the roads. In Slovenia, driving in protected natural surroundings is prohibited by law.

    All vehicles must be left at designated and marked parking spaces. Parking on the fields, grass, in the forest... is prohibited. Parking lot (paid parking*) is at the end of the village Dolenje Jezero. We suggest you park there and then continue your trip by bicycle or by foot. In case parking lot at the end of village Dolenje Jezero is full, check other parking spaces. Cerknica and Dolenje Jezero are also connected with a new cycling and walking path, so you can visit Lake Cerknica this way.

    * Parking prices at the Parking lot "Jezero":

            • 1. October28 (29). February:
              • Weekends and holidays: 9:00–16:00
              • Car: first hour free, then 2 eur/h
              • Motor home: 5 eur/h
            1. March–30. September
            • Weekends and holidays: 7:00–18:00
            • Car: first hour free, then 2 eur/h
            • Motor home: 5 eur/h

    Parking is free on weekdays.

    From the end of the village Dolenje Jezero in the direction of the village Otok, it is prohibited to drive with a bus all year around.

  • Public parking

    P1: Parking "Jezero"* - (88 parking spots + 2 buses); coordinates: N 45.773523, E 14.357388

    P2: Parking "Saint John" (by the cemetery) - (72 parking spots); coordinates: N 45.790174, E 14.361380

    P3: Parking "Medical center Cerknica" - (28 parking spots); coordinates: N 45.791667, E 14.365579

    P4: Parking "Triangle" (at the beggining of Cerknica, by the school) - (84 parking spots); coordinates: N 45.796394, E 14.355140

    * Parking lot "Jezero" is payable on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

            • 1. October28 (29). February:
              • Weekends and holidays: 9:00–16:00
              • Car: first hour free, then 2 eur/h
              • Motor home: 5 eur/h
            1. March–30. September
            • Weekends and holidays: 7:00–18:00
            • Car: first hour free, then 2 eur/h
            • Motor home: 5 eur/h

    Parking is free on weekdays.

    For campers, we advise you to check our designated camper stops.

  • Boating rules

    If you have your own boat, carry it from the parking lot to the water. Observe traffic signs, access to water by car is usually not possible, except exceptionally during the period, when the lake is completely flooded.

    The central navigation area covers the area between Jamski zaliv, Rešeto, the bridge on the road Dolenje Jezero – Gorica (right side of the road, when looking from Dolenje Jezero village), and also the area between Vodonos and the imaginary line that connects Slivnica to the bridge near Otok, and the area known as Zadnji kraj. Navigation in the central area is permitted, when the water levels on the water height gauge at Dolenje Jezero are over 150 cm.

  • Waste

    In Notranjska Park we are guests of nature and, as in other protected areas, we do not leave trash behind. There are no waste bins in the area of Lake Cerknica and along footpaths and cycle paths. We are in the wildlife zone, and some animals might confuse some types of waste for their food.

    Waste bins are at the entry point (parking lot at the end of the village Dolenje Jezero) and next to the parking lot at the cemetery, so visitors are asked to take trash from the natural environment and throw it there.

  • Wildlife

    Notranjski park is an area of protected nature and one of the hotspots of Slovenian and European biodiversity, so we treat living beings and inanimate nature with respect. Park is home to an extraordinary number of species of organisms, many of them endangered or protected.

    We do not disturb or frighten animals by screaming or hunting. Observe them with eyes, not with the hands, as we can seriously injure them with clumsy handling.

    Let’s not take living beings out of their living space. Flowers should be observed in nature, so plants can complete their life cycle in nature.

    When picking mushrooms, fishing and other leisure activities, we follow the rules and thus allow other visitors a pleasant experience.

    In order to protect animal and plant species and their habitats, nature conservation surveillance with video cameras is carried out in the park area.

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  • Camping, motorhomes

    Camping is only allowed on designated campsites.

    Camping and lighting fires in nature are prohibited.

    Motorhomes can park on public parking spaces from 7:00 till 23:00. For overnight parking, please use the official Motorhomes parking spaces.

  • Drinking water

    Water is the source of life, which we must cherish and preserve. We are aware that drinking water is a precious resource, so we are mindful of its usage.

    To maintain a satisfactory quality of life, we need only about 80 liters of drinking water per day. However, sometimes we use more than we need. Nevertheless, we are proud to host you in an environment where water is exceptionally clean and high-quality.

    Enjoy this refreshing water, available directly from the fountain in front of the Visitor center Lake Cerknica or inside the Center (ask personnel for help).